Award winning analytics.

  • 2014 to 2016 DOPE CUP AWARDS Testing Facility
  • 2015 DOPE INDUSTRY AWARDS Winner - Best Testing Facility
  • 2016 DOPE INDUSTRY AWARDS Nominee - Best Testing Facility

We help you grow success.

We think of our customers as business partners; your success is our success. Through accurate analysis, we can help your business with guaranteed service options from 3-day to same day turn around. A variety of services that are available include Optimal Harvest Timing, Proper Strain Selection, Product Development, Accurate Batch Dosage Formulation, Residual Solvent Purge Timing and Full Service Consulting. We provide you with the precise scientific data helping you grow your bottom line.

profit from accurate numbers

When we test your products, we deliver the most accurate quantitative analysis available. Our reputation depends on it, and so does yours. Most labs put products through testing once. Integrity Labs hold ourselves to higher standards. Along with using HPLC and GC-FID, samples are tested at a minimum, in duplicate. We’ve developed this stringent methodology to assure your numbers are accurate and reliable. People do more business with people they trust, and you can depend on Integrity Labs.

Benefit from unmatched experience.

When we partner with you for analytic services, you can rest assured that you have the most qualified team in the industry working for you.

  • Helped our customers go to market with more than 18 successful new products
  • Over 50,000 samples tested
  • 46 years of practical lab experience
  • Over 5 decades of science education
  • 26 years of teaching at higher educational institutions

Services & Pricing

Our service Guarantee

Terpene Analysis with more than 21 identified
Same Day Service Available
Standard 3 day Turnaround
Sample pick up is included
Sample drop box on site for afterhours access
Digital Data Results
Open 6 days a week
New product Development
Site Visit Consultation
Tours always available
Research and Development Testing


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